# Welcome to the FW.VISION Insight Library We are a futures research firm with a *multipreneurial* approach to actualizing a sustainable future. Our process is to apply [[Futures Thinking]] mechanics to explore plausible future scenarios centered around various concepts, then think through pathways of plausible futures to arrive as some [[Preferred Futures]]. We call this *Actualizing the Future*, see the list of our [[Futures Research Ideas|researched and preferred futures]]. ## How to Navigate the Insight Library The pages on this site are organized as [[Networked Thoughts]], repurposed from the founder's digital garden. The interactive graph shows related notes, and a list of backlinks are referenced at the bottom of all notes. Here's an entity relationship diagram of the various topics are mapped. ![[foresight-innovation.PNG]] To start exploring, it is recommended to: * Browse [[Concepts and Enablers]], to explore our notes on the various patterns, practices, technologies, and analogies used to support [[Moments and Scenarios]], they also contain a list of curated references by the research team. * Take a look at [[Challenges]] to start with issues you care about, or get inspired with [[Futures Artifacts]]. * The list of [[_Overview|Research Initiatives]] outlines the type of preferred futures we're actively seeking to investigate, or [[Venture Initiatives]] for project that have progressed beyond ideation. ![[fw-vision-pub-logo.png|400]]